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How do you feel about utilising a common software platform across your organisation? Does it keep you up at night worrying about all the reasons why not, or is your mind-set more like successful IT cloud services company, ANS Group, who have recognised all the benefits?

Traditionally we have all worked where each business unit operates their own Service Management platform. However, when we don’t utilise a common software platform, not only is work duplicated, but errors are made and your customers lose confidence in you as a supplier. So how can we avoid making these kind of mistakes? …


ANS Group have identified their top 4 benefits to total customer management:

1) Single View of the Customer – with all business units working within one application, information will be clearly visible to everyone and data will be accurate and up to date.

2) Increased Efficiency – using one application the software updates can be done quicker and the administration of the application can be handled centrally, reducing the amount of administration training required.

3) Reduced Costs – you can definitely see an ROI by automating processes. Both new staff costs are reduced and existing staff spend less time reconciling errors. This is crucial when working in a Managed Services Providerenvironment, whereby time delays and inefficiencies can incur financial penalties from your customers. Not forgetting that you will have less annual support agreements as you have reduced the amount of applications you use.

4) Improved Customer Service – customers will feel you have a real handle on their queries and will appreciate being dealt with more quickly, as less time will be wasted internally looking for information.  ANS Group found that “even with our tremendous growth this last year, we have managed to maintain or enhance our customer service levels”.

In such a dynamic environment, the expectations placed on each and every department are high. Delivering the best possible service to customers is top of the agenda across the whole company and in particular its Service Management operation. Where it is possible to share a common platform then take advantage of the benefits, however, when it is not feasible you can make use of powerful REST API integration with other key applications, such as Finance.

As with all business decisions, it is always important to keep one eye on the pennies and not only will utilising a common software platform increase efficiencies, but it will also save the business money. Top this off with putting your customer first and providing a better customer experience – you have an all-round smart choice.

To learn more about the benefits of total customer management, please download the full ANS Group case study here