Sunrise Software User Group: 25th September 2012

Yesterday, at Sheffield International Venues’ (SIV) Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, some of our customers joined us for the second User Group of the year.

An ideal opportunity for users to network, ask burning questions about Sostenuto and learn more about Sunrise it was a great success despite the horrendous weather in the north, which we feared would throw a spanner in the works. However, we had a great attendance and we’d like to thank those that battled with floods and public transport woes to make it!

Content included:

  • A case study from SIV
  • Sunrise and Sostenuto news and updates
  • ‘100 Uses for Sostenuto’ presented by Neil Penny, Product Marketing Manager
  • Sostenuto Q&A ‘Surgery’ presented by Martin Julyan, Client Solutions & Integrations Manager

Over the next week or so, we’ll be posting content from the group, so if you missed out you can catch up here.

Watch out for future user groups, which will be held from 2013.