Want to be a part of the Help Desk industry?

It is sometimes easy to be part to an industry and not actually feel like you belong to an industry – so busy are we in our day to day roles in providing the right service in whatever area we work. IT Service Management is no different in this distinction, but one of the organisations responsible for blurring this distinction and providing a genuine knowledge and membership base is the HDI – the Help Desk Institute.

If you haven’t heard or come across HDI, it is effectively a membership organisation exclusively for help desk and IT support professionals. Three levels of membership are available, with the benefits catering for every IT support professional – from individuals to large teams at various sites.

Members can gain access to a vast range of industry information, expertise and resources. HDI training, qualifications, our e-newsletter, research reports and bi-monthly magazine, SupportWorld all stem from the institute.

By networking at one of the free member events or using the HDI knowledgebase, members can tap into the HDI support network and find answers to the support issues they face. As a member you can discuss best practice when networking with fellow members, listen to motivation methods used by many different help desk managers, and gain access to a wide variety of industry research.

Howard Kendall, founder director of HDI highlights the role of the HDI:

“The role of HDI is to inform and help to develop the help desk and IT support industry. By providing a wide variety of services – training, HDI Consulting, site certification, industry events and SupportWorld magazine and website, HDI is an ideal source for research, consulting and development needs.”

If you would like to find out more about HDI please call 01689 889100 or send an email to info@hdi-europe.com. You can find out more information about HDI at www.hdi-europe.com