Social Media & IT Department - Notes - Sunrise Software

Following the launch of our new social media service for Sostenuto 4.0, many customers were interested in an active demonstration of exactly how it could benefit your Service Desk.

Although social media is traditionally seen as a personal networking tool, it is proving to be an effective outlet in order to keep in contact with business users on a day to day basis without the need of picking up the phone, emailing or walking to someone’s desk.

The tool is designed to proactively listen to social media channels so that you can capture early warnings as to potential customer service issues even before they’ve been communicated to the Service Desk. It works by capturing any #hashtags, keywords, phrases or public messages sent from or between specific users giving you a consolidated global view of all customer interaction within a single support application.

Essentially there is no line drawn between customer interaction and internal communication, as everything would be communicated to the Social Media service, provided it met the criteria that you were looking to capture. You would then be able to manage this by having separate filter views for that of your employees and any third party contact.

The beauty of using keywords in this way is that messages can easily be grouped if any of the problems are escalated to incident. Messages can also be attached to multiple incidents when appropriate.

The social media service is part of the latest version of Sostenuto (4.0), and simply requires some expertise from one of our consultants to get you up and running.