What Can Service Desks Learn From Call Centres?

Service Desks and call centres perform a very similar role – responding to and fixing customer-related problems. So what is the number one lesson Service Desks can take from contact centres about delivering a positive customer experience?

The volume of calls handled by contact centres typically outstrips the Service Desk, so logic dictates that this additional experience would equate to a better customer experience. However, our own experiences as consumers says that this is rarely the case. Call centres too often try to manage volumes by bombarding their customers with overly complex IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus which desperately try to divert calls to Self-Service options.

This obsession with efficiently managing the volume of calls continues when we are eventually connected to an agent, as conversations are often scripted to minimise the time spent on the call – further dehumanising the process. The final indignity comes with the robotic: “is there anything else I can help with?” at the conclusion of the call.

This all considered, the best lesson that call centres can offer Service Desks about customer experience is simple: how NOT to do it.

Service Desks must in fact take the polar opposite approach than most contact centres when trying to create a positive customer experience. By focusing metrics on the quality of interaction rather than volumes, and empowering Service Desk staff to fix problems immediately, the customer experience naturally improves. And in doing this, morale improves, so staff deliver an even better level of service to customers.

The model of running a Service Desk or call centre on volume efficiency alone is outdated. Service Desks should learn from the lessons of contact centres and leapfrog to the next generation of customer experience.