White Paper: ‘The Evolution of the Service Desk’ - Sunrise Software

Entitled ‘The Evolution of the Service Desk’ this white paper details how ‘the Service Desk of the future’ must adapt in order to support its role as an integral part of any business.

Gartner analysts are predicting that by the year 2015, due to the wave of new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications owned by departments and business owners, “…35% of enterprise IT expenditures for most organisations will be managed outside the IT department’s budget.1” Gartner’s prediction demonstrates how integral operational systems have become the foundation of any business. The astounding rate of technological developments, coupled with the accessibility of these systems and increased process maturity has created a reliance on sustainable, flexible and agile solutions, which must sit hand-in-hand with the increasing number of communication channels available to customers. From on-premise installations to Software-as-a-Service, or from self-service to social media, enterprises must adapt quickly to cope with business and consumer trends that allow them to compete at any level.

With new developments emerging every day, how will the landscape for Service Desks look in ten, five or even one years’ time, and will it continue to evolve in the same fashion as previous years?

This white paper looks to address how Sunrise sees the Service Desk evolving over the next few years.  Starting by viewing where it all started from (when we referred to Help Desk’s rather than Service Desk’s) to how technology advancements such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the increase in demand for mobile devices and the move of Service Desks into the Cloud, are going to impact the Service Desk as we know it now.

To read the above article in full please download the white paper: The Evolution of the Service Desk

1 Gartner’s Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2012 and Beyond: Control Slips Away