Case Study: Radian

Radian provides a home for Sunrise Software IT Service Management

Radian is a care and housing provider founded in 2006. They are committed to the ongoing investment, development and maintenance of local communities. With people at the heart of its business, Radian prides itself on assisting people from all walks of life to achieve their goals, whether that is living independently, assisting in training to find work or simply as a resource for advice. The award winning organisation employs more than 1200 staff and provides 21,000 affordable homes to people across the South East in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire. Through its Radian Support offerings, it also provides essential care, advice and guidance to over 450 people in the region.

Scalability to meet growing business demands

In 2012 Radian, which developed through the merger of three housing associations, realised the Service Management Platform in place was not going to be able to meet the complex requirements of the rapidly expanding team and business effectively. Ian Butcher, IT Operations Manager at Radian Group, sought to find a new, flexible and scalable solution that could not only cater to the requirements of the growing business, but which would future-proof its operations and drive greater efficiencies and user engagement.

Ian comments: “Our service management system did the job that was required of it when it was bought in for one of the housing associations. It was a small organisation of a couple of hundred employees with an IT team of just four people. However, following the merger and overnight expansion of the total staff to fifteen hundred people and an IT team of more than 30 people, it was no longer able to meet the requirements on the IT support side. We had to look at alternative options if we were to effectively support the business.”

Knowing that he needed to engage with a specialist organisation to develop a customisable solution, Ian was impressed not only by Sunrise’sIT Service Management (ITSM) solution’s functionality but also by the Sunrise team’s market experience and work ethos.

“Integral to our decision-making process was the ability to not only have a solution that could grow concurrently with us but which could move beyond a basic ticketing system.” Ian continues: “We wanted to adopt a solution that was aligned with the ITIL requirements, whilst offering us greater reporting capabilities. We wanted to have the ability to manage groups of people, assign calls to specific user groups, prioritise tasks and put calls on hold. Up until the Sunrise deployment we were unable to do this, which meant that meeting our SLAs was difficult to do.”

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