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Sunrise launches ITIL FAQ has unveiled a new part of the website designed to answer common questions surrounding implementation and ROI of ITIL. The newly launched ITIL FAQ is designed to be a dynamic resource where visitors can go to find out some simple answers to the... Read More

The A Team sucks

By James West We don’t really handle the concept of teams very well in this country. The reason? We think it’s a big twee. If I said to you: “tell me how you relate to your team , you’d probably feel slightly sick at the thought of such a chummy, americanised ideal as... Read More

IT: what a bunch of miseries

By James West During one of our regular editorial discussions, the team here at Sunrise talked about its desire to publish a positive story about a career in IT. Our thinking was inspired by the string of negative press reports emanating from the major IT news... Read More

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