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IT & Psychology

The influence of psychology in IT One of the things I’ve been interested in for a while is psychology, and, in particular, the various theories of personality. This may not seem to be have an obvious application for an IT Director, but there are a couple of scenarios,... Read More
When is it right to outsource?

When is it right to outsource?

Outsourcing can be a dirty word in many IT Departments, but the fact is that almost everyone uses a third party to cover part of the overall IT function. My preference, as a rule, is to keep services in-house wherever possible. I think it’s easier to manage people... Read More

IT on the Board?

It’s my guess that in most organisations, IT Directors – or CIOs, or Heads of IT; the term is largely interchangeable, generally speaking – report to the Finance Director. I’m sure that there may be some exceptions, but in my experience IT has always been part of the... Read More

Welcome to the IT Insider

Welcome to the first edition of the IT Insider. I’ll be blogging on a weekly basis, discussing what’s happening within the IT industry, and how IT professionals are affected. The sorts of issues I intend to look at are: The future of the IT department, and how it is... Read More

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