Channel Island Co-operative Society Case Study

Established in 1919, The Channel Islands Co-operative Society (CICS) is a retail business dedicated to the principle of co-operative trade, returning profit to shareholders in respect to their purchases and where all members have an equal vote on Society policy at the AGM. CICS is one of the largest employers in the Channel Islands with 1,200 people serving customers with a wide range of products at 21 food stores including 6 with petrol stations, 13 post offices, 2 department stores, 2 travel agents, a sports shop and specialist funeral parlour.

To keep operations running smoothly and offer a consistently good service to staff and customers at all times, CICS has recently invested in new IT service management and Self-Service technology from Sunrise Software. After reviewing several vendors in the marketplace, CICS selected Sunrise primarily after reading how Vision Express one of the UK’s most trusted opticians, had successfully deployed its technology.

According to Mike Guest, Head of IT for The Channel Islands Co-operative Society, “If Sunrise could do such a good job for Vision Express with 500 locations, we were absolutely confident they would deliver the same excellent results for us. Sunrise met all our requirements, the right functionality at the right price with the added bonus of being flexible enough to support our many business operations, not just IT.”

In August 2010, CICS installed Sunrise Software’s IT service management and Self-Service solutions to replace the previously time-consuming process of relying on pens, paper and Excel spreadsheets to support 500 PC users across 25 locations in the Channel Islands.

Download the full case study to learn how CICS have gone beyond IT and use the ITSM solution to support other business functions, including Facilities, customer service, loss prevention and more.

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