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Farrer & Co invests in its future with Sunrise IT Service Management

Paul Lovegrove, IT service delivery manager at Law firm Farrer & Co, says implementing a new SaaS IT service management system with Sunrise has supported the firm’s service improvement programme.


SaaS delivers for Farrer

Paul Lovegrove, IT service delivery manager at Farrer & Co, says: “We knew we wanted to be more transparent with the business, get the customer more involved and ultimately deliver a better service – when we saw Sunrise ITSM we instantly knew that it would help us reach our goals.”
On SaaS: “Selecting the cloud-based offering means we are always on the latest version of the software and security – one less thing to worry about.”
But, he adds, the biggest thing for the firm is that it’s fully customisable and that no customisations are lost during an upgrade. “Everything you see, you can edit in some way – change labels, add or remove options, even change the underlying ITIL-based workflows and introduce new services. It was made so that it worked for you rather than you having to fit in to work with it.”

Download the full Farrer case study (pdf) to discover more.

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