Case Study: Sheffield International Venues Ltd - Sunrise Software

Sheffield International Venues Ltd (SIV) is one of the largest sport, leisure and entertainment companies in Europe, specialising in outstanding spectator and participation events. Serving 4 million visitors each year, SIV successfully manages 20,000m² of versatile conferencing, meeting and exhibition space together with an impressive portfolio of 17 unique venues across Yorkshire, including four stunning golf courses and facilities for 60 sports.

SIV also offers consultancy and corporate management services, sharing the company’s vast experience of venue management with the public and private sector across the UK. It plays a key role in supporting the economic, sporting and cultural profile of Sheffield by managing elite sporting and entertainment events and championing community participation and sports development.

In 2010, SIV took the decision to invest in a new IT service management platform that could improve IT service delivery and keep pace with the company’s fast-moving and expanding business environment. After reviewing a multitude of vendors in the marketplace, SIV selected Sunrise Software for the superior ITIL®-verified functionality of its flagship product ITSM; by far the most competitively priced, scalable package.

Early in 2012, SIV installed Sunrise Software’s IT Service Management and Self-Service solutions to replace the company’s original basic call logging system that had been in operation for more than six years.

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