University of Gloucestershire Case Study

The University of Gloucestershire is an attractive location for its 11,000 students and 1000 staff, with its four campuses including local historic landmarks such as former botanical gardens. And yet, like the vast majority of higher education establishments, it is no stranger to the financial pressure brought about by swinging budget cuts.

Two of the University’s key departments, ICT Services and Estates, have taken a proactive stance and worked together to make the University’s investment go further. They have extended the use of Sunrise’s service management software Sostenuto to manage not only the University’s ICT queries but also Estates issues raised by students and staff.

ICT Manager Clive Fenton and Head of Facilities Andy Simpson examine the results of this fruitful collaboration between the two departments, which has allowed them to offset major costs for the University.Clive Fenton spearheaded the project to introduce a new service management system to ICT in 2008. Sostenuto was selected following a review of different solutions on the market, based on its flexibility and adaptability, and even at this early stage, because Clive understood the system could be tailored to other service desks across the University. ‘The long term objective, right from the word ‘go’, has been to use Sostenuto across a range of services, starting with the different services within ICT itself,’ says Clive. ‘This falls in line with the vision of having a combined helpdesk bringing together general operations and business information systems. Such a structure is ideal for allowing jobs to flow through the system unhindered, and importantly, avoiding a proliferation of applications which would be expensive and resource intensive to support.’

Read the ITSM case study of University of Gloucestershire.

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