Warrington Borough Council Case Study

When Warrington Borough Council decided that their 10 year old support desk solution was no longer fit for purpose, they built their own temporary system. This enabled them to bridge the gap while they went through the process of finding and implementing a new, more permanent solution.

The Council were pretty clear about what they were looking to achieve; it needed to be web based; to include Self-Service; it needed to underpin their entire internal support requirements; and it needed to be extendable – building over time to meet their list of short, medium and longer term functional requirements.

“We chose the Sunrise Service Desk solution (Sunrise IT Service Management) from a shortlist of two companies.” Explains Sue Keating, Service Performance Lead at Warrington Borough Council. “For us they were the clear choice. The system has a broad range of features and functions and it was the most cost effective answer to our needs.”


A Service Desk that spans the organisation

Within budget and with a specification list that ticked all the boxes, Warrington began the roll-out of Sunrise IT Service Management (ITSM) in February 2010. Used for IncidentProblem, the platform has been rolled out across the Council. As well as IT support, the system is also used by several different Service Desk teams providing support for the Council’s Social Care, HR and SAP systems. The Self-Service feature within Sunrise enables any council employee with access to the network to log their own requests for help via the intranet and online portal

“We’ve extended the Sunrise ITSM platform beyond IT to cover multiple Service Desks providing support for a variety of areas,” adds Sue. “The system’s user roles and security functions have meant that we can partition specific department Incidents for the Social Care and HR systems from IT Incidents with ease. This has enabled us to achieve additional value from the software, ensuring a good Return on Investment.”

The system has been extended to underpin the independent Service Desk functions in the HR and Social Care Systems departments. “They all share a single database,” says Sue, “but Sunrise ITSM allows us to direct issues to the right people to resolve them. Very few people get access to ALL the Incidents across the Council. That’s mainly for the IT department and for management reporting.”

To read the full story please download the case study.

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