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HR departments shouldn’t have to compromise and use spreadsheets or inappropriate systems to manage potentially hundreds or thousands of HR cases and requests.

All around your organisation there are questions being asked, requests being made, and issues investigated – be that around payroll, holiday, benefits, absence or many more… as a Human Resources team you need to keep track of all of these items and records as well as manage them through to resolution – efficiently and effectively. However, coordinating responses and actions from the right experts in a consistent and timely manner can be a real challenge without the right tools.

The Sunrise HR Case Management (HRCM) solution has been designed to integrate with your internal systems, providing you with one place for all employee support interactions to be managed – allowing you to automate and manage key HR processes, spot trends over time, and ensure consistency and accuracy of issue resolution and advice.

What are the key features of Sunrise HRCM?
HR Service Desk:
Cases – centrally manage, assign & track service levels of all your employee interactions, including general enquiries, flexible working requests, and even disciplinary procedures.
Self-Service – allow your employees access to your portal so that they can raise new cases or even search for answers to their questions themselves. Access via online portal or mobile device.
Contacts – track every detail of your employee from initial interviews, to on-boarding, through to active employment, and ultimately to retirement or other exit, with a single consolidated view of your contacts.
Training – keep track of who’s good at what, and who needs their skills updating, by building a library of training content that provides a record of all employees who attended, and have passed or failed.
Service Providers – increase visibility over your externally contracted activities by monitoring the ongoing performance of each service provider, and the underpinning contracts for the services they provide.
Reward & Recognise – engage, motivate and reward your HR Service Desk team with gamification, allowing them to earn badges for great customer service, compete in challenges against peers and level-up to show everyone your support prowess.
Email – save time and improve accuracy by letting Sunrise HRCM continually monitor your support email inbox, automatically convert incoming emails into new cases or update existing ones and keep your customers up-to-date about key events.

Reporting and Analytics
Reports – gain valuable insight with immediate access to operational information, and key performance metrics using a range of customisable reports or simply build your own and share these useful reports with others.
Dashboards – use our configurable dashboards to securely highlight the important information the way you want it.
Wallboard – present key HR Service Desk performance indicators on a screen for all to see using a range of comparative visualisations.

What are the key benefits of HRCM?
Sunrise have worked closely with HR departments to understand their requirements – we understand that most organisations have a HR system, that works well at core levels but often these large applications are poor at Case Management or dont have a strong Service
Desk capability… that’s where we are here to help. We have designed a HR case management system to help bridge the gap between your employees and your HR system. Our system will allow you to build a detailed history of all communications and interactions with each
of your employees, allowing you to easily manage your employee’s queries, questions and concerns and to keep a full audit trail. But it doesn’t stop there, HRCM can also…

• Improve your employee satisfaction through giving your employees a more consistent and responsive service.
• Realise cost savings in the way that employee cases are resolved and allow HR staff to be freed up to work on value-add activities. No large upfront costs for software or hardware.
• Automate key employee activities such as onboarding, off-boarding and regular reviews.
• Improve your employee customer experience through a dedicated employee Self-Service portal designed to save them time.
• Browser-based access from any location anywhere in the world.
• Increase productivity on the HR Service Desk through improved collaboration and information sharing.

Our HRCM datasheet tells you:

  • Why you should consider Sunrise HRCM
  • The features included in the Sunrise HRCM solution
  • All the benefits that you can expect from Sunrise HRCM

For an overview of HR Case Management from Sunrise Software please download the datasheet using the form provided.

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