Reporting Datasheet - Sunrise Software

From your HR department to your IT or Customer Service Desk, there is highly valuable data waiting to be utilised – you just need the right tool to help you analyse and report it.

Each of Sunrise’s solutions come fully-loaded with multiple reporting capabilities that will help you produce reports that are business-aligned, allowing you to provide information that truly serves the needs of your
organisation. After all, there is no value in reporting for reporting’s sake.

So whether you are looking for reports that measure historical activityreal-time reporting, public area data display or data to help you with the Service Desk Institute’s accreditation process, we have a variety of options available to you.

The Sunrise Reporting datasheet includes information about:

  • Sunrise Management reports
  • Sunrise Wallboard
  • Sunrise Dashboards
  • Service Desk Institute reports
  • The benefits of good reporting

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