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ITSM Self-Service and Service Catalogue overview datasheet pdf.

Offering  your customers a first class experience is really a must it you want to encourage them to adopt Self-Service instead of picking up the phone. Your IT team may not be available 24 x 7 and many customers would rather try to fix issues themselves in the first instance. With a simple to use interface, customers can raise their own support calls, search for solutions within an approved knowledge base and keep their own information up to date.

A simple web-based self-service portal lets your users interact with your service desk without making a call. Users can easily raise their own incidents or requests, search for solutions or monitor existing known errors, as well as read service announcements that may impact them.

Self-Service is a proven method to dramatically reduce the volume of incidents being reported to your service desk, leaving your agents free to respond to higher impact issues which really matter.  Keeping everyone up to date with important information is easy with Sunrise ITSM, whether that’s a simple announcement about service desk operating hours, changes to people and processes or information about service availability.  With Sunrise ITSM you can make announcements to individuals, teams or the whole organisation.

User acceptance of self-service can be an ongoing challenge, but adopting an open approach when planning services can pay off – using departmental forums and feedback to involve users from the start and design interfaces and processes they’re at ease with using. Successful launches commonly involve highly visible marketing campaigns and competitions to increase awareness and overcome any reticence at reducing the human factor of the exchange.

Service Catalogue functionality further improves the customer experience, by introducing a visual consumer-style shopping approach to products and services available to end-users. New requests can be made and existing requests tracked through the portal with approval processes behind the scenes facilitating accountability and delivery.

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