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One of the key elements found within Sunrise’s platform, Sostenuto, is the REST API capabilities.

The API allows external applications to communicate with the Sostenuto configuration, access data and integrate it into any of the configured operations available through the system. This feature creates scope for your Service Desk to support a variety of Web 2.0 applications used throughout your organisation.

As API is a programmer’s tool, a programmer – either from your internal team or via Sunrise consultancy – will be best placed to get the most out of its configuration.

The API can be accessed by any configured access point, in a standard system this would be ‘Users’ and ‘Contacts’ but is not limited to this.

The application communicating with the API can access all Service Requests, Service Request History, Task and Task History records, providing complete access to all run-time data within the system.

Although it provides access to a multitude of data, the privacy settings remain stable, i.e.; all existing user privileges are applied to each unique user.

When an operation is performed via the API any business rules that are configured to run against that operation will run in the same way as when a user performs the same operation from within the Java client, Chameleon, Iguana or mobile interfaces.

Because the API provides such a flexible solution for many different applications the options are endless. Some examples of where the API is used at present include:

  • Mail Processor 4.0
  • Sostenuto Wallboard
  • Customer Survey

Other ‘tried and tested’ uses also include:

  • Resource Planner
  • Forward Change Calendar
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • MS Project Integration
  • MS Excel Integration
  • Data Import Integration

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