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The Service Desk Get Social

Social media channels such as Twitter are rapidly becoming the communication method of choice for web-savvy individuals having grown up on a diet of web2.0, complementing, and in some case even replacing, more traditional methods such as email and telephone. By embracing new technologies quickly and easily users are already at the forefront of modern communication. Now the Service Desk can be the same.

Sostenuto allows Service Desks to proactively listen to social media channels, such as Twitter, for comments based on #hashtags, keywords, phrases, or public messages sent from or between specific users. Such automated searches provide important early warnings of potential customer service issues even before they’re communicated formally to the Service Desk. The viral nature of social media can ensure comments, good or bad, can reach millions almost instantly. Social media has become the Breakdown of how messages are received, by social media service (Sostenuto v4) the new word of mouth, and organisations need to be aware of what is being said about them online to manage and protect their brand.

Messages that match those monitored keywords are automatically added to the Sostenuto ‘Social Media’ Service where they may be further investigated and raised as Service Requests, Incidents or Problems. Sostenuto even identifies whether the incoming message comes from an individual that is already known to the Service Desk or not, and can create a new contact record if needed, automatically associating the message and any subsequent updates. This ensures that there is a complete audit trail and traceability during the management of the communication at all times. Confirmation messages can be generated automatically informing the contact of their support reference numbers for future updates.

At any point in the management of a Service Request or Incident, the Service Desk can automatically send messages via their favoured social media channels informing the customer of progress so far. Updates can be sent from a single corporate account, or even individual accounts, that are authorised to send messages using Open Authentication (OAuth), or other authentication methods.

Problem management teams can pro-actively broadcast the status of specific identified problems via social media channels, therefore avoiding a potential influx of inbound related enquiries. Using the inherent automation capabilities within Sostenuto such problem alerts can even be generated automatically based on predetermined thresholds.


The Social Service Desk

  • Closely integrate service management capabilities with social media channels
  • Gain early visibility of customer issues before they contact your support
  • Monitor market sentiment via social media channels and pro-actively take action before reputations are impacted
  • Immediate channels of communication using a method increasingly familiar to web-savvy users
  • Monitor all inbound and outbound social media communications in one place
  • Manage a consolidated view of all customer interaction within a single support application
  • Access Sostenuto integrated social media messages on smartphones including Apple iPhone, Google Android and Blackberry RIM devices

The rapid rise of social media communications creates a huge opportunity that can no longer be ignored by the Service Desk. Social media provides a significant new client engagement channel where customers can communicate quickly and easily with the Service Desk resulting in queries or complaints being handled efficiently, and allowing a closer and more personal relationship with customers. By embracing the technology and devising a best practice policy, the Service Desk can be seen as taking the lead role in adopting social media, elevating its status and value within any organisation.

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