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  • Multi channel self-service
  • Automation beats repetition
  • Accelerate with dynamic searching
  • Integration breaks down boundaries
  • Reporting unveils advantage

The Sunrise practical guide to customer experience looks at 5 service desk-driven operations which help improve CX within and outside the IT organisation. It looks at 5 activities which the service desk team should be able to initiate using ITSM software, which the end result of improving the engagement and ease of use for internal and external customers.
These include:
1) implementing self-service portals and supporting chat facilities, whose success lies in not just the availability of these digital services but also majorly in the adoption of the offering by the end-user. Adoption has long been a challenge but finally organisations have been learning how to improve the uptake of self-service with involvement and marketing.
2) Automation is a second route to improving the CX – directly or indirectly, more efficient practices help the teams who are involved first-hand in services to act more quickly and consistently to deliver results to customers.
3) Making resources available quickly and accurately is a huge benefit to end-users, but knowledge searching can be hit and miss. Dynamic searching is a smart technology which picks out and suggests relevant solutions to issues as they are typed in, often helping to resolve issues without assistance from the service desk team. The search technology can pick up all sorts of media including how-to videos as well as documentation.
4) The service desk is a key hub of the organisation so it makes sense for the service management software to be integrated with other technologies and applications to automatically update them and vice versa as circumstances change. Examples include integrating ITSM software with MS Teams so that updates to issues are shared straight away with concerned users, or with Jira which is commonly used by developer departments. 2-way integration keeps everyone up to speed.
5) Reporting from the service desk is increasingly used across the organisation not only for looking back at performance but also for future planning. ITSM software should offer a simple to use reporting package built-in for day to day users and further integration with a specialised analytics tool like Power BI takes this to the next stage of management reporting.

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