How to find the perfect software partner - Sunrise Software

No matter what solution you are looking for your journey to finding the perfect software partner can be a tricky one. When a market has become heavily saturated with a variety of vendors who are often communicating a similar message and product – how do you even begin to sort through them to find the partner you want to 1) put your trust into 2) invest your money with and 3) actually work with?

There are many ‘checklists’ out there which will provide you with a list of factors to consider when choosing a partner, and these will usually include things such as price, but for Sunrise it is a lot more straight forward than that…. go with your instincts as well as your usual due diligence.

Yes it is important that the partner can provide the solution you need and at a price you can afford, but this should help you form your shortlist – when it comes to picking your winner, there are more factors we would urge you to consider.

This handy guide provides 5 essential tips to consider when it comes to selecting your next software partner.

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