Report: Broadband-Testing Reviews Sostenuto 4.9 - Sunrise Software

In this latest report following testing conducted by independent testing lab Broadband-Testing Labs, Broadhead-Testing reviews version 4.9 of our flexible, 100% browser-based platform, Sostenuto.  Sostenuto underpins each of Sunrise’s solutions: Sunrise ITSM for IT Service Management,Sunrise CSM for Customer Service Management, Sunrise HRCM for HR Case Management, and Sunrise MSP for Service Providers.

In summary, this report indentifies the following  points:

  • Traditional enterprise application interfaces are essentially past their sell-by date as the ‘Facebook generation’ of users begins to take over.
  • For too long, users have been forced to adapt to the designs of the ISV – the application controlling the user, rather than the other way around.
  • But it doesn’t have to be like this – an enterprise application can reflect the modern social networking wave in terms of its appearance and usability, without impacting at all on features, functionality and capabilities.
  • Sostenuto from Sunrise is the platform which underpins all of products Sunrise offers. These include Sunrise ITSM – the focus of our report here – as well as Sunrise CRM, Sunrise HRCM and Sunrise MSP.
  • With version 4.9 of Sostenuto, Sunrise is looking to lessen the steep learning curve associated with classic ITSM software.
  • The contemporary interface also lends itself perfectly to the smartphone/tablet era, where users are controlling networks from anywhere, using anything.
  • Sunrise has also introduced concepts that will be new to many people in the ITSM world, such as a gamification, in an attempt to pull the old ‘Helpdesk’ world into the 21st century, with contemporary methodologies for getting the best of out a modern workforce.
  • A platform-based approach to Sostenuto means that the technology can readily be offered as a cloud-based service, as well as in more traditional formats, or indeed mixed and matched across an enterprise solution.
  • Overall, Sunrise is definitely moving ITSM properly into the contemporary world of cloud-based, virtualised computing, ensuring that it has a fully portable and mobile solution designed to cope with the enormous changes currently ongoing in IT

About Broadband-Testing

Broadband-Testing is Europe’s foremost independent network testing facility and consultancy organisation for broadband and network infrastructure products.

Based in Andorra, Broadband-Testing provides extensive test demo facilities. From this base, Broadband-Testing provides a range of specialist IT, networking and development services to vendors and end-user organisations throughout Europe, SEAP and the United States.

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