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Self-Service is a great way of boosting productivity – for you and your customers alike. Research from Forrester found that 84% of online adults had used Self-Service mobile apps and FAQs to solve their problems, showing a clear move towards Self-Service as a first port of call.

What makes Self-Service appealing to its users is its flexibility to log incidents/requests any time, on any device, and its ability to provide solutions to problems where possible resulting in significant time savings, improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

However, just like any other technology, adoption of Self-Service is often met with challenges… not because the users don’t necessarily realise the value of this powerful tool, but the lack of direction and an authority to champion it. But not to worry…

Our Top Tips guide to get your customers to use and keep using Self-Service has 10 simple, yet effective tips to help you ease the process of introducing Self-Service and boost adoption amongst your customers.



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