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This week, we are looking at 5 top tips on providing effective IT Support, how you can improve and get more from your Service Desk when working in the healthcare sector:

1. Evaluate how you currently work – Ask yourselves “Is this the best we can do?” Are you still working with manual outdated processes? Have you been working a certain way due to the limitations of the tools available? Are there small changes you could make to improve the support you offer your customers? Don’t reinvent the wheel – there are already best practise guidelines you could follow, such as ITIL. The world of IT changes every day; don’t get left behind.

2. Utilise Self-Service – We understand that top issues that our customers face in the healthcare sector, include high call volume and password resets from GP’s. Implementing Self-Service will not only save your administrators time, by reducing the number of incoming calls, it will mean they have more time to fix incidents and therefore improve your SLA and customer service. Out-of-hours coverage can be provided and the availability of a Knowledge base gives your customer the tools to resolve their own incident, taking calls away from the first line helpdesk.

3. Reward and Recognise – With Sunrise ITSM, you can apply Gamification techniques that reward and challenge your staff to provide great support at all times. You can drive and motivate your support staff in a more engaging manner by providing rewards for exceptional effort and challenges for agents to compete among themselves. Happy staff means happy customers.

4. Social Media – Why not allow your patients, GP’s or customers to log their calls through social media channels, thereby allowing customers a choice of platforms to contact you on and also enabling you to provide a more responsive service. You could also track hashtags or keywords such as company name which would allow your organisation to be more proactive in both customer incidents and customer feedback.

5. Growth of Support – Look at other departments within your organisation, such as Facilities, Health & Safety and HR and review how you could offer one effective support solution to the organisation. This will not only reduce overall costs, but also reduce duplication and improve transparency within your organisation.

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