What is ITSM? Discover IT Service Management for your business

ITSM’s relations with ITIL, plus the importance of usability, self-service, automation and reporting and introducing Enterprise Service Management. ITSM is the evolution of the helpdesk =- now widely relegated to a reactive past – into a proactive and wide reaching management platform with service at its heart. Affecting all parts of the organisation, ITSM if approached openly and with visibility and feedback from the organisation itself, can keep up with the change demanded by users and even plan to be ahead of that curve. Moving to a SaaS ITSM platform carries its own benefits.

ITIL is a framework, non-prescriptive by definition but assisted in adoption by ITSM tools which are built around its processes, helping with outcomes and improved customer experience.
Usability of ITSM software is key for administrators, service desk team operatives and end-users so keeping this at the heart of planning interfaces is important to uptake and successful adoption, including of self-service portals. Technology which supports this such as drag-and-drop GUIs for process automation engines to make updating and adding processes quick and east, and dynamic searching assistance to recognise and resolve issues all add to the value of ITSM.

Automation itself is a benefit if a common task or set of tasks consumes a large amount of time repeatedly, wasting time and inviting unneeded errors. Workflow tools within the service management platform can standardise and automate activities or triggers to these activities, resulting in team efficiency and improving the CX.
All of this goes far beyond the helpesk, and reporting has grown in stature too. Tactical and strategic goals are more easiy achieved with better visibility and up to the minute analysis available whether within the ITSM tool itself – which should have configurability at the user’s fingertips – as well as with integration available to more powerful tools like Power BI
With ESM (enterprise service management) a more commonly addressed area than ever, with organisations extending trusted service practices to other areas like HR via the same software platform, ITSM really knows no boundaries.

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