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ITSM: Best of Breed or Jack of All Trades? What is the stronger position from which IT Service Management tools can benefit the organisation – specialisation with integrations, or one-size-fits-all?
Hear the Sunrise viewpoint.

An ongoing IT dilemma – select the best parts for your IT Service Management technology solution and integrate them, or choose a one size fits all product– there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Times have changed and software architecture has moved on, with APIs readily available, scalable SaaS delivery as standard and subscription-based pricing assisting budgeting.

For IT Service Management, the advantages of the “best of breed” options available are as valid – and obvious – as ever. While an all-in-one solution comprises its end point functionality; there are often compromises to facilitate the ready and inherent integration. With a best of breed solution which may be from multiple vendors, each part is as complete as possible in its own right, with every aspect of the solution as comprehensive as possible and with detail second to none. This approach of course brings flexibility; it’s totally customisable so sourcing which elements work best for your business needs requires some research but the outcome should be a best fit. Not being tied to one larger supplier can also have merit in future contract negotiations too.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the advances in API development making that “DIY” option so much easier to adopt. Third-party integration in any technology sphere, not just IT Service Management, was a throwaway line used by vendors to sound more ‘open’ – but approached at the instigator’s peril.

So, the reality for a service management platform now Is really that integrate to form a best of breed toolkit of third-party applications provides the most complete solution possible. In the case of Sunrise IT Service Management, current integration examples include Microsoft Teams for communication of support for remote working/collaboration (communicating directly between Sunrise and the Teams channel) and tools such as Jira for development management. With a synchronised, bidirectional feed between the two platforms, this goes way beyond paying lip service to providing APIs, fully integrating them into a 24×7 IT service management solution. Including live 2-way integration with Microsoft’s Power BI analytics and reporting engine completes the picture.

Is it worth the effort? Best of breed may sound like dreamland but as the technological landscape continue to evolve, it becomes more of a reality. Flexibility becomes increasingly important and so it might just be the key to your ITSM success.

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