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This demo provides an overview of Sunrise Service Management solutions.

At Sunrise, we’ve been making IT Service management a whole lot more manageable. Sunrise ITSM has the power to control operational process, and help your service desk improve performance and customer service with a smile. It starts with the dashboard, which can be personalised for job roles and teams, it’s quick and easy for your team to find the features and services they need , while the powerful security module hides away everything they don’t. The dashboard is engaging, informative and is designed for easy navigation – no technical wizardry required!  

With Sunrise ITSM, powerful capabilities like dynamic searching, multi-record views, in-built spell check and built-in task management are all available – all easy to find and incredibly easy to use.

Sunrise ITSM Self-Service portal will keep your support team smiling. Fewer calls to your service desk will increase productivity and help your supported users and customers get the support they need, fast. Sunrise ITSM lets your supported community easy raise incidents, submit hardware requests, and check the status of a record at a glance. But for common queries, they won’t have to raise an incident at all. Instead they can explore knowledge articles, or service announcements to find out more about their issue. Meanwhile, the process of raising an incident uses dynamic searching to give users helpful information instantly – from knowledge articles to FAQs and suggested solutions – all completely configurable. so you decide what information your users can see.

Sunrise ITSM will help you be useful to users and includes an integrated customer survey so you can see exactly what they think. This automated capability emails users to invite their feedback, collected through a simple form. Then, you can use flexible reporting to see the results and share them with stake holders. And, if you receive negative feedback, customised alerts will make sure you hear about the issue, instantly, so you can step in and set things right.

When you know how processes are running and how your team is performing, you can focus on improvement and decision making. That’s why Sunrise ITSM includes a range of powerful reporting options and real time dashboard features. An in-built report creator turns historical data into actionable intelligence, presented as pie charts, bar charts, line graphs and summary tables. For a more in-depth approach, powerful management reports are available out of the box, without the need to install more software. In just a few clicks, you can get the insight you need for powerful business analysis. Additionally, Sunrise ITSM delivers a reporting suite that meets the Service Desk Institute’s performance reporting compliance standard – ideal if you’re working towards SDI accreditation.

But reporting in Sunrise ITSM isn’t all about historical data; in fact, our visual wallboard puts real time reporting where every team member, user or customer can see it. That means your entire team can see how they’re doing and stay proactive, helping you increase customer satisfaction.

Sunrise ITSM is flexible, powerful and adaptable software that makes your team and your users happier and more productive, and the best thing is it’s accessible everywhere, on a mobile device without any limitation on functionality, so your service desk and IT operations aren’t rooted in one spot. They’re available from any device, any location, anywhere.

When staff are satisfied, motivated and productive they contribute much more to the business. But while an intuitive ITSM platform is a good start, we go even further to keep your teams at peak performance with in-built rewards, recognition and gamification capability. Team members can work towards individual targets such as incident resolutions, or come together on a team initiative, challenge or quest. It’s a goal driven approach that encourages individuals to work towards targets and makes it easier for managers to monitor performance, so your teams are enjoying the challenge while they work. And, happy staff means satisfied customers and productive staff.

Sunrise ITSM makes IT departments a more effective and productive part of the business, but it’s not a capability that ends there. In fact, the platform can be extended to any part of your organisation where there’s a need to record, track and manage requests and events, getting even more return on your investment. So, from HR to Health & Safety, from Finance to Facilities, Sunrise ITSM makes your business a sunnier place to be.

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