An Introduction Video to Complex Contract Management

Managing multiple contracts across your organisation can be extremely complex, with the consequences of not getting it right high, with risk to both reputation and finances.  Sunrise’s Service Management for Service Providers has been designed to address this issue and this short video demonstrates how:

MSP Contract management demo

Sunrise Service Management helps Service Providers with contract management of customers and suppliers and ensures that all parties stick to agreed performance standards alongside any service penalties and external contracts.

Centred on the customer record, Sunrise Service management displays full information about the customer, which can be easily viewed and accessed from one single, configurable screen. Relevant contracts and locations can be linked to the client record for visibility and understanding of the client. Included is a fully integrated Service Catalogue, where you can associate key information with each service that you offer.

Contract records allow you to see the customer, service and record the agreed SLAs which will then notify you of any contractual dates when you need it.  It is possible to manage all relevant components of the contract whether software or services down to the serial number of specific hardware and the individual SLA of each item. Adding new SLAs and defining key information such as support hours and resolution time can be done easily within Sunrise Service Management, making on-boarding of new customers and contracts a simple and pain-free process.

You can identify all contracts associated with a customer account and automatically alert key stakeholders of any upcoming contracts’ expiry dates. Sunrise Service management enables you to auto-manage suppliers and their under pinning SLAs from end to end. Measuring contract performance is easy with Sunrise for monitoring and notification of any potential contractual breaches, greatly improves customer satisfaction, retention rates and helps avoid financial penalties or missed revenue opportunities. For more information on how Sunrise can help you improve the management of contracts please get in touch with a member of the team.

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