How is Agent Burnout Affecting Your Bottom Line? At Sunrise Software

Agent burnout affects most organisations to some degree.

Not only does it have a negative impact on customer service, which can result in fewer sales or renewals (depending on your type of business) but the knock on effect of absence caused by stress related illness due to agent burnout is a huge cost to the business.

Geoff Rees, Business Services Director at Sunrise , discusses the issues and suggests some answers in our latest white paper.

High pressure has always been part of being a customer service representative and most agents get the job because they are adept at handling customers as well as the strains and stresses it entails. However, the realities of business in recent years mean that many organisations have introduced efficiency measures, tasking staff to achieve more with less. In addition, businesses are facing tougher competition with customers expecting the same or even higher levels of service as they seek to get the best possible value. More ambitious client Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are leading to ever more demanding targets for the Customer Service Desk and all who work in them.

While call volumes often go in peaks and troughs, the sheer number of calls can create a problem. Many organisations do not have an overall view of the customer, one system where agents can see everything they need to know about a customer. Without the right information at their fingertips, agents are frustrated by not having a clear and full picture of the customer they are dealing with or having to bounce from one system to another to find the information they need. This can lead to unhappy agents and unhappy customers.

The situation is further complicated by the growing popularity of social media. Customers expect to interact with organisations in a variety of ways – Chat, Web, SMS, Facebook and Twitter – and this all places even greater demands on today’s more complex, multi-channel Customer Service Desk environment.

With a myriad of legislation to comply with, training agents involves a lot more than simply how to handle angry customers or difficult enquiries. For example, the impacts of legislation imposed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) or Central Government in the form of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests present further issues for Customer Service Desks in any size of organisation. Failure to respond to customer complaints or requests within a specified time period can result in financial penalties for organisations and added stress for their customer service departments.

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