Smart Devices are the Future of the Service Desk

Self-Service is not just a buzzword in IT. From banking to supermarkets, Self-Service is a growing trend widespread across many of our day to day activities. But how much do we all really know about Self-Service and how do we apply what we do know into our business? What entices our customers to use Self-Service and what stops them?

To help us answer some of these questions, in March 2015, Sunrise took on the challenge to understand how IT Self-Service has been approached in the UK. We conducted a survey which was completed by a range of organisations across multiple sectors, industries and job levels and compared this against a similar survey from 2010 to discuss further developments within the Service Desk industry.

The survey has introduced some interesting findings, one of the key areas being the love affair with new consumer technology like smart phones and tablets, that is gaining a significant foothold in how we work today. The survey results showed that over 10% of people in organisations where there is no Self-Service option, are now using social instead.

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