White Paper: Gamification Survey Results 2014 - Sunrise Software

Gamification sounds like the latest fad, maybe even a lot of hype with not much substance behind it. However, with the so called ‘Facebook generation’ joining the workforce, gamified processes are fast becoming an important element of reward and recognition initiatives in the workplace.

Getting the best out of staff by improving productivity, engagement, quality, and consistency of work, is key for organisations to prosper. It is no secret that motivated staff are more productive, provide a better service, and generally are happier at work. However, the difference in productivity between those that are motivated or engaged, and those that are not, has been reported as high as 90%.

Since the term gamification was first mooted three or four years ago, we have seen the start of a growing trend where gamification of business applications, and specifically Service Desk applications, is on the increase.  With the introduction of gamified processes into our own software products (and using them within our own Customer Service Desk) we wanted to look into how other organisations are (or are not) embracing this exciting new concept.

This survey was carried out by Sunrise in October/November 2014, with 134 respondents from a range of commercial and public sector organisations that run Service Desks. Respondents ranged from IT Director, Service Desk Manager, Supervisors/Team Leaders, Quality and Service Delivery Managers to COO, and Head of HR.

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