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HRCM Case Management

Gain tighter control and have full visibility of your transactional queries and cases in one central location.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Fast query and case classification and full audited history of all employee interactions
  • Monitor supplier performance for the role they play in resolving queries and cases
  • Ability to raise queries via multiple channels of communications including phone, email, Self-Service or even an external application using our API
  • Dynamic searching ensures quick and easy access to related and associated queries, documentation and knowledge articles
  • Track tasks associated to each case
  • Ensure that data is only seen by the people with the rights to see that information

2. Key User Benefits

  • Improved efficiency when responding to employee queries
  • Complete audit trail of all employee interactions
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced paper trail – with no risk of losing documentation

3. More Info

Sitting at the heart of Sunrise HRCM is Case Management, a service which enables HR teams to quickly and easily record and assign a query or case when it comes into the department. With instant access to employee history, duplicate cases and a library of knowledge articles, your HR staff will be able to respond consistently to employees, quickly identifying who is working on a specific case or query and thereby routing the call to the correct member of the team to follow up.

Whether a simple query or a more complex case, with Sunrise Case Management, HR teams will have a flexible way of logging, tracking and resolving them in one central location and with an audit trail for future reference, if or when it is needed.

Prioritisation of queries and cases is simple and easy with Sunrise Case Management, with proactive notifications to HR staff or business partners via internal messages, texts, or customisable emails.

With Sunrise’s 100% browser-based interface, your HR team will have access to the information you want them to see, no matter where they are, what device they have on them, or what time they want to access it.

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