Service Provider and Contract Management

Manage the supply chain of services and providers that underpin your HR Service Delivery

Management, visibility and control

HR and Shared Services teams don’t only work with internal stakeholders, they may also depend on the services provided by external parties – for example, legal, training providers, subject matter experts to name a few. The performance and management of these service providers could impact positively or negatively on the quality of service delivery that the HR function can attain. This makes it essential that the services these third parties provide run as they should, and deliver what is expected of them.

Sunrise HRCM makes this process easy to manage, providing a clear picture of what contracts are in place and with who.  It also enables you to keep track of when contracts are due for review and if there are any Service Level Agreements which are in danger of being breached.

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Sunrise HRCM includes the following Service Provider and Contract Management related services.

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