IT Business Management

Share information and don’t act in a silo. Extend the use of your Service Management platform across complementary activities and incorporate related business disciplines into your day-to-day IT processes….

Empowering IT teams to improve relationships

There are many factors that can impact an IT department and ultimately the organisation it is a part of.  From out of control expenses, or ensuring that your team is appropriately trained, to the management of supplier contracts and risk, each has the potential to significantly impact your IT department or organisation. If these areas are handled badly, the negative impact can be felt on the bottom line, on your reputation, or on your operational effectiveness.

IT teams do not work in silos. There are often suppliers and contractors to work with, in addition to the other departments in your organisation, and having a tool in place that will help you manage these relationships will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure that these relationships are kept healthy and happy.

A great IT Service Management tool will empower your IT teams to build better relationships with those that matter, and ensure that your organisations goals are achieved.

Using Sunrise’s API

One customer who used Sunrise’s API for Phoenix Business Solutions to design a unique integration enabler between Sunrise and the firms’ document management system, HP WorkSite.

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