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IT Audit Management

Reduce the complexity of your compliance processes, and ensure full traceability and visibility of your audit results. Build confidence in processes and demonstrate compliance.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Keep a record of all policies, guidelines, clauses and other supporting documentation affecting your organisation
  • Audit your departments, projects, releases, risk mitigating controls and external suppliers to ensure compliance with policies and regulations
  • Build and audit plan including checklists for specific auditable clauses, and identify the audit team
  • Manage audit observations, non-conformances and identify corrective and preventative actions for resolution
  • Track the time taken and any costs incurred during each audit

2. Key User Benefits

  • Ensure compliancy against corporate and legislative requirements
  • Increased visibility of non-conformances
  • Aid continuous improvement through repeat auditing
  • Improved visibility of the true costs of compliance

3. More Info

Regularly checking the compliance of your business processes and operational IT activities against those stated through your policies, regulations, and other agreements, is vital in proving adherence to corporate governance. But the volume and complexity of your compliance requirements is growing year-on-year, and you need to ensure that your audit processes are adequately reducing the risk of non-compliance. Sunrise ITSM provides a single, centralised system ensuring full visibility that your compliance obligations are being fulfilled. Many different types of audits can be managed including internal, operational, IT, and supplier audits, as well as any follow-up audits required to ensure recommendations are implemented.

During an audit a detailed record of all audit observations can be prepared including any recommendations. Action plans can be drawn up with tasks assigned to owners to correct any deviations or process failures.

Successful auditing provides increased oversight across an organisations business processes and visibly demonstrates adherence to compliance obligations. Failure to do so can lead to financial or reputational losses, and of course affect customer or employee satisfaction. With Sunrise ITSM you can reduce the complexity of your compliance processes, and ensure full traceability and visibility of all activities and audit results.

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