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time cards and expenses

Time Cards and Expenses

Keep tabs on all time taken and expenses incurred in supporting, maintaining or implementing your IT strategy, and reduce the likelihood of hidden support costs.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Break down expenses and time cards into individual line items or simplify with just a top-line number
  • Keep track of the true costs of support via consolidated expense and time card reporting for all support activities
  • Streamline activities and reduce the time and effort spent in managing approvals and processing
  • Export expense and time card information for use in other applications

2. Key User Benefits

  • Stop invisible expense and time sinks from spiraling out of control
  • Gain full visibility of costs across all service management disciplines
  • Increase control of costs and resource availability

3. More Info

As Service Desk and other IT staff go about their business supporting staff, maintaining equipment, and implementing IT strategies, it’s inevitable that actions take time and costs are incurred. This detail needs to be tracked and accounted for to establish true cost visibility over time. Knowledge of your greatest time and cost sinks is critical to understanding the true value of IT to the business, and gaining a handle on potential operational efficiencies.

Sunrise ITSM provides detailed tracking of all time and expenses incurred during all aspects of IT operation from those undertaking support activities. Whether investigating and resolving Problems, implementing Changes, rolling out Releases, performing Audits, or running complex Projects, you’ll have full visibility of the time taken and costs incurred.

Sunrise ITSM tracks expenses across your IT service management disciplines, providing invaluable insight into your most expensive activities. Using integrated reporting you can analyse both time spent and expenses to establish clear cost goals, transparency, and reduce the likelihood of stumbling across hidden support costs and unexpected time sinks.

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