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ITSM training & skills

ITSM Training and Skills

Streamline training requests and approval processes, and see a complete picture of all delivered training and the skills acquired by your staff.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Manage training dates, course outlines, costs and suppliers
  • Delegates can request attendance via the self-service portal
  • Automatically allocate acquired skills based on successful completion of the training course
  • Keep a historical record of all training attendees, results and skills and ensure that all staff have the necessary competence to fulfil their roles
  • Gamify training attendance and skill development using integrated gamification features

2. Key User Benefits

  • On-going training and skill development will increase motivation and reduce staff turnover
  • Increase detailed knowledge and easily identify knowledge gaps and training requirements
  • Improved customer satisfaction through more consistent and detailed support
  • Gain visibility over training activities and manage all training in one easy location

3. More Info

Keeping track of the training that your staff have and haven’t yet attended is critical to knowing whether they have the suitable skills in order to fulfil their role. In some situations knowing this training is both in place and current is critical to demonstrate an employee’s competence.

Sunrise ITSM allows the tracking of the training courses that your employees have attended, as well as the skills that they earned along the way. While adding a training course it’s possible to specify not only the details about the course, such as the date, length, cost and maximum number of attendees, whether it’s an internal or externally delivered course, and how is it delivered, but also the skill that will be earned by attending the course

Sunrise ITSM streamlines the whole training request and approval process, and provides a complete picture of all delivered training and the skills acquired by your staff.

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