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ITSM Change Management

Reduce change risk by managing, scheduling and communicating proposed future changes. Identify business impacts, and gain approval within change processes, and you’ll be in control every step of the way.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Record the Change impact, justification, severity, risks and backout scripts
  • Initiate, approve, implement and verify your Change requests
  • Automatically keep everyone in the loop as Changes pass through important milestones
  • Break down your complex Changes into smaller tasks and allocate to the relevant individuals for action
  • Eliminate errors by ensuring all Changes are commercially and technically appropriate for the business

2. Key User Benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Complete visibility

3. More Info

Change is inevitable but managing it can be tricky. IT is complex, multiple stakeholders are often involved, and processes can be difficult to follow. If change is not closely managed then time slips, actions are missed, and changes pass into production without anyone noticing anything is wrong until it’s too late. This can lead to service degradation or even complete system outages. Ultimately everyone is impacted. No wonder then that effective Change and Release Management is so important. Sunrise IT Service Management Change Management allows you to see who is impacted by potential changes to key services, allows you to manage multiple stakeholders and deadlines, and automatically keeps everyone updated as the change progresses from approvals, to implementation, testing and production release.

Sunrise IT Service Management contains comprehensive Release and Change Management features allowing you to keep on top of all of your Changes, from the smallest to the largest. Reduce the time you take to roll out any release, and improve the overall quality and effectiveness, with Sunrise IT Service Management.

Sunrise IT Service Management allows you to associate key changes to existing Problems or Known Errors, then allocate multiple changes to release packages for final testing and deployment. Understand the impact of Change using the consolidated CMDB, manage Change blackout periods, and minimise the risk of failed change by increasing visibility across your teams. With Sunrise IT Service Management you’ll never miss a release target for your Changes again.

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