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Build a central store for all assets, whether hardware, software, IT services or anything in between. Associate assets to people, departments, locations and other services, to understand the impact of future changes and issues.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Record outages against items and services
  • Maintain visibility of upstream and downstream relationships and understand the impact of Change
  • Track warranties, contracts, and suppliers, depreciation, residual values and operational life-span
  • Integrate with network asset tool Certero AssetStudio™, or any discovery tool of your choice, to help you automatically populate your CMDB
  • Manage permanent or temporary loan equipment from stock

2. Key User Benefits

  • Single source of truth about the items you support
  • Increased accuracy of impact analysis
  • Save time and costs
  • Increased visibility and control over IT information

3. More Info

When something goes wrong it’s important to have an accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB) containing a record of each Configuration Item (CI). But keeping the information up-to-date on hundreds, or even thousands, of desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and services can be almost impossible without a centralised database of configuration items. Without accurate information to hand, your Service Desk cannot accurately understand the impact of changes, the likely effect of loss of services on your IT users, nor pro-actively manage customer expectations. Sunrise IT Service Management allows you to track detailed information on every CI, including technical information, financial facts and figures, and the suppliers you need to contact in an emergency. All assets can be linked to their originating orders, warranty and underpinning contracts, as well as their current owners.

With a consolidated CMDB you can keep track of your assets by linking configuration items to people, departments, locations and other services. Tracking the Incidents and Problems that relate to each CI is simple, and assessing the impact of any Change becomes a breeze.

With Sunrise IT Service Management you can manage a central store for all Configuration Items be they hardware, software, IT services or anything in between.

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