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ITSM event management

ITSM Event Management

See through the “noise” of constant alerts from your monitoring tools. Monitor the most critical issues with your IT equipment and generate new incidents or changes when event thresholds are exceeded.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Create event rules that automatically create Incidents or even Changes
  • Link events to the Configuration Items (CIs) that caused them
  • Specify thresholds for major events and cut out the background noise
  • Monitor event trends over time and identify poor performing Cis

2. Key User Benefits

  • Increased visibility of problems as they happen
  • Improved trend spotting over time

3. More Info

As automated server and application monitoring tools make increasing levels of information available to system administrators, it is important to be able to filter events that require action from events that do not. Some events might require no action at all; others might require an Incident or even a Change to be initiated. But sometimes it can be hard to see this through the “noise” of so many alerts. Sunrise IT Service Management Event Management enables you to define the rules that will be triggered by significant events found by your automated monitoring tools. You can specify the type of threshold which will trigger the event and even initiate a Change or an Incident as appropriate. Incoming events are automatically associated to the event record, which in turn automatically links the record to any Configuration Item (CI) involved in the event.

With events linked to Configuration Items (CIs), Incidents and Changes it’s easy to perform analysis of the information and spot trends, such as event breaches by Item type.

Event Management can gather information from manual input, from the database directly, via email, or using the Sostenuto REST web service API.

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