Monitor Project Progress Using Sunrise Project Management
ITSM project management

ITSM Project Management

Monitor Project progress against agreed milestones and keep projects, outstanding tasks, and the resolution of pending issues, visible and on-target at all times.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Track anticipated vs actual time and costs incurred for any project
  • Accurately allocate and manage the resources necessary to deliver projects
  • Keep a record of all requirements for each project
  • Identify and schedule tasks and milestones according to your overall project plan
  • Monitor and manage any project-specific issues and assign to the project team for resolution
  • Easily identify project-specific risks and track mitigation strategies

2. Key User Benefits

  • Improved understanding of project deliverables
  • Clearer visibility of current project status and risks
  • Increased number of projects completing on time and on budget
  • Improved allocation of resources

3. More Info

Managing complex projects, with multiple stakeholders, tight deadlines and fixed costs, can be both time consuming and fraught with issues. Questions such as “where are we with…?” and “when will x be complete…?” are often difficult to establish when being up-to-date on the status of your project is paramount to delivering on-time and in-budget. You need both visibility and control in order to make better informed project decisions. Sunrise ITSM supports your desire for improved project management by providing centralised management of all aspects of your project including capturing the business case, anticipated costs vs actual costs, effort expected and delivered, deadlines and delivery milestones, as well as stakeholders and allocated resources. Project requirements can be tracked, with individual actions broken down into specific tasks that can be assigned and tracked accordingly. Any project specific issues can also be managed until resolution.

Improved project visibility and control With Sunrise ITSM, your Project records become centralised repositories for all those involved in delivery, from business stakeholders, engineers, and even your customers. Status updates can be given to all, project risks tracked and mitigated, and complementary documentation attached and shared with other project resources.

Integrated fully with Sunrise ITSM Audit capabilities, your projects can be regularly audited and monitored, providing comprehensive information covering all aspects of your project’s compliance with internal policies, or external legal frameworks. Whether your projects are big or small, Sunrise IT Service Management allows you to see at-a-glance the current status of all of your projects, manage tasks and issues to tight deadlines, deliver against your milestones, and get back under control. With Sunrise ITSM Project Management you’ll always have the right project information on hand exactly when you need it.

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