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Resource planning software at your fingertips…

Successful delivery of projects, programmes and tasks – be they ‘internal’ or client focused – requires much planning, visibility and awareness. This means having a handle on the availability and schedules of the necessary resources that can be brought to bear. Sunrise’s IT Resource Planner provides an easy to use and comprehensive toolkit for viewing and scheduling resources, with multiple views being available.

Resource planner visualisations

The resource planner provides two different visualisations:


  • It gives a calendar view, which shows all schedule records in a calendar format including Incidents, Problems, Changes, Projects and Tasks with daily, weekly and monthly views.
  • It also has a scheduler view, which enables you to schedule records against not just a record itself but also against a specific user or team via simple drag and drop functionality to give a visualisation of your current resources and their schedule. 
The resource planner covers the entire Sunrise application and any record or task with a start date and a duration field can be presented within the resource planner.

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