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ITSM knowledge management

ITSM Knowledge Management

Compile and publish information such as symptoms, cause and resolution details across your Service Desk. Better resolve customer incidents, and track workarounds to problems and known errors.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Automatically search approved knowledge articles relating to a caller’s issue and mark specific articles as the solution
  • Provide feedback on quality knowledge by providing ratings
  • Flag knowledge as out-dated or incorrect, or submit for review
  • Document symptoms, cause and resolution details or link to external resources
  • Reward knowledge authors based on quality of their submissions and real customer feedback, using gamification techniques

2. Key User Benefits

  • A more consistent level of knowledge across support
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced call volumes
  • More knowledgeable and more motivated staff

3. More Info

Publishing and sharing knowledge across your Service Desk ensures your customers receive a faster, more consistent response, time after time. It even speeds the ramp-up time for new support staff. But by using Knowledge Management and publishing knowledge articles to your Self-Service customers, they can help themselves without ever having to contact support. Tap into the knowledge of your team and share information such as symptoms, cause and resolution details in order to better resolve Incidents, and track workarounds to Problems and Known Errors.

Once you’ve captured your knowledge don’t keep it to yourself. Organize your valuable information with simple category classifications and keyword tags, to ensure it can be easily found in the future. Dynamic searching will ensure that this published knowledge is presented to your support agents quickly and easily while they’re logging the details of an incident.

Having all your knowledge in one place will speed issue resolution, enable new staff to acquire knowledge rapidly, and can have a dramatic effect on the number of reported issues should/when you put this information in the hands of your end users. Watch the video on Intelligent Searching of knowledge management to learn more about how Sunrise IT Service Management can help you harness the information within your Service Desk.

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