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Customer Relationship Management & Opportunities

Manage all contact interactions, prospects and your sales pipeline by tracking all leads from initial discussions through to active customer projects, and beyond.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Manage your leads and sales opportunities in a centralised database of prospects and customers
  • Create tasks to remind you of important activities
  • Track sales opportunities against marketing campaigns to understand ROI
  • Keep track of important contacts and their roles within the buying process
  • Record and share competitor activities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Automatically create new customer contracts and projects on the successful winning of a new sales opportunity

2. Key User Benefits

  • Historic record of all prospect and customer interactions
  • View of competitor activity, strengths and weaknesses
  • Accurate forecasting and improved demand management

3. More Info

All companies need new customers and new sales opportunities to grow revenues and market share. Managing and nurturing relationships over time requires discipline so as to keep everyone in the loop with forecasted new business volumes and revenues, as well as the anticipated demand for products and services. Critical for capacity planning and ensuring you’re one step ahead of the market.

Whereas most Service Management platforms simply focus on the key processes for supporting customers during post-sale, Sunrise Service Management provides the capabilities you need to manage your sales pipeline, forecasted revenues, and the likely schedule for your closing opportunities. What’s more, with its integrated contact management capabilities you can create a historical library of all interactions from the beginning of the customer journey to the end.

Sunrise Service Management provides a complete view of information about all your contacts. Whether they are future prospects, existing customers, or the partners you rely on for the services you provide, you’ll always have access to up-to-date information on the companies they work for and the locations they’re based in, the services and equipment they use or provide, as well as the contracts you have in place. Tasks can be scheduled and assigned for call-backs, customer communications, arranging meetings for account discussions, and other activities critical to building relationships and generating future opportunities.

Managing sales opportunities is easy with Sunrise Service Management. You can track potential revenue opportunities from initial contact to closure, whether new business sales or customer upgrades, building a history of all completed and scheduled activities, proposed products and services, competitors encountered, and the key individuals involved in each opportunity. At a glance you can see the value of your future opportunities and the stage they’re in, helping you to be more productive and consistent.

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