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Improve your products, services and processes by harnessing the creativity of those around you.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Implement peer review and approval cycles for submitted ideas
  • Consistently score approved ideas relating to their impact and business benefit
  • Allow staff and customers to vote for the most popular ideas
  • Focus energies on improvements with the greatest payback
  • Implement ideas and track each individual task

2. Key User Benefits

  • Access to the creative potential of your staff and customers
  • Increased innovation based on real experiences
  • >Improved processes, products and services

3. More Info

Your staff and customers are a constant source of innovation, whether it’s new products and services, or improved ways of doing things. However, it’s sometimes too easy to overlook their input.

Harness the creativity of those around you and manage all moments of inspiration with Sunrise Service Management. All submitted ideas can be manager approved, and peer reviewed, with approved ideas scored according to their business impact and likely benefit. Ideas can even be voted on by staff and customers, helping the truly great innovations with the most popular outcomes to rise to the top.

When it comes to implementing approved innovations, tasks can be created and assigned to individuals for action at the appropriate time. Customers and staff can keep up-to-date with the progress of their suggestions via the self-service portal.

Let Sunrise Service Management manage your ideation processes and don’t miss out on the creative potential of your staff and customers.

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