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ITSM invoicing & charging

Invoicing & Charging

Improve commercial visibility by linking invoices directly to the activities, expenses, project milestones, and contract schedules they relate to.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Raise invoices from Incidents, Changes, Customer Contracts, Projects, and Company records
  • Link invoices back to the activities, expenses, project milestones, and contract schedules they relate to
  • Manage the lifecycle of an Invoice through a full approval process before submitting for payment
  • Integrate invoiced information with other financial applications

2. Key User Benefits

  • Increased traceability over invoices
  • Reduced double-handling of information
  • Improved visibility of customer contract status

3. More Info

During the lifetime of a customer contract there will always be milestones that require invoices to be generated on a specific schedule. Indeed, depending on the contract type there may be the need to raise ad-hoc invoices based on time and expenses consumed in the provision of the support or service. With Sunrise Service Management you can link raised invoices to the activities they relate to, whether based on project work, incurred out of contract expenses, or on-site customer field service visits.

Sunrise Service Management allows Invoices to be raised, approved, rejected or queried, and then finally submitted for payment. Invoice information can then be passed to accounting software for processing leaving a full record of invoice history within your Service Management platform for each customer and contract.

With simple exporting, or via the Sunrise web service API, approved invoice information can easily shared with financial applications ensuring everyone is always up-to-date with the current financial position.

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