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Consolidate contracted web domains and store them in a centralised location.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Track the details of all domain registrars
  • Automated notifications of expiring domains
  • Tie domains to their underlying customer contracts
  • Monitor domain costs over time
  • Associate the physical servers hosting the domain

2. Key User Benefits

  • Keep on top of domain renewal and costs
  • Improved vision of all customer information

3. More Info

With the advent of the internet, technology service providers often manage hundreds or thousands of web domains, all corresponding to different customer contracts, registered with different internet registrars, and all having different renewal dates and costs.

Sunrise Service Management consolidates the details of these web domains into a single centralised location allowing you to track the customer contracts that the domain relates to, who the domain is registered with, when it expires and how much it will cost to renew. Sunrise Service Management provides automated notification of any domains due to expire, including what the renewal options are should they still be required.

Consolidate information about the domains you host within a single, easy to use, centralised store and gain a complete vision of all customer information.

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