An Integrated Platform

Integrate your Service Desk with other essential applications and services using our REST or SOAP based Application Programming Interface. Improve information sharing and never operate in a silo again.


When Sunrise Customer Service Management is used in conjunction with other enterprise Service Management tools, the combined and fully integrated offering becomes the very cornerstone to successfully implementing great customer support processes across your organisation. Using industry standard technologies, application integrations can be achieved allowing your Service Desk to sit at the heart of your customer support systems. Using the Sunrise Customer Service Management SOAP or REST API it is possible to leverage your existing data stores and functions in external applications and services, as well as exposing core Service Desk data and functions for external applications to call. In this manner external applications can be integrated with your Service Desk to automatically transmit information, provide updates to existing information, or make a request for information to be shared between them as part of a wider business process, orchestrating information across multiple systems.

Ease of integration ensures a greater visibility of critical information across your organisation, creating a faster time-to-value, and a more effective business process across multiple technology silos. The Sunrise Customer Service Management integration capabilities allow the Service Desk to be linked to external social media sites such as Twitter, as well as common ERP, financial systems, and other critical business applications, extending your Service Management capabilities across the enterprise.

Sunrise has experience of providing integrations with many complementary business applications and can easily extend this to other software vendors or in-house developed applications. Most major web services available on the internet now use REST including Facebook, Twitter,, Skype, Yahoo, Flickr and many others.

 An integrated platform in a nutshell

  • Speed integration between applications and ensure fast time-to-value
  • Remove manual double-entry of information across systems, and reduce the likelihood of error
  • Improve interoperability across multiple software applications ensuring efficient reuse of information
  • Ensure data integration is conducted in real-time, accelerating visibility across the business
  • Benefit from faster and more accurate decision making based on real time information

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Sunrise Customers

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“For us Sunrise were the clear choice. The system has a broad range of features and functions and it was the most cost effective answer to our needs”

Key Benefits

  • Reduction of errors
  • Improved interoperability
  • Greater visibility of business critical information
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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