Ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest Service Desk activities and information by publishing announcements to staff and supported end-users.


There’s always something going happening on the Service Desk, and all too often you need to let others know of something important, whether it’s a major Incident, a known fault or service outage, or just an update on on-going project work. Keeping everyone informed, especially your customers, is no easy feat when you’re already a busy department.

Keeping everyone up-to-date with important information is easy with Sunrise Service Management. Whether it’s a simple announcement about Service Desk opening times, changes to people and processes, or information about service availability, Sunrise Service Management lets you make announcements to individuals, groups, or simply everyone, via Self-Service.

All announcements can be set to be published automatically allowing you the ability to define future announcements with ease. They can even be set to expire when the date has passed and the information is no longer relevant.

Whatever you have to say, however, you want to say it, you can be sure that Sunrise Service Management enables you to target your Service Desk’s announcements to the right people and at the right time.

Announcements in a nutshell

  • Publish announcements, questions, warnings, or other types of announcements
  • Target announcements where they’re needed to specific individuals or groups, or even just send it to everyone
  • Attach supporting documentation to provide additional information if required
  • Set future publish dates that automatically make announcements available for others to see
  • Automatically expire old announcements when they’re no longer relevant

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Sunrise Customers

Over 60% of requests are now through self-service rather than the phone or email.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce calls to the Service Desk and keeping everyone informed by proactively communicating important Service Desk announcements via Self-Service
  • Reduce miscommunication by ensuring everyone is on the same page at the same time
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