Customer Contracts

Deliver the right services, to the right customers, at the right time. Build a centralised customer contract database and improve visibility of customer-specific contract terms.


Managing the contracts between your organisation and your customers can be a time-consuming process. With Sunrise Service Management, all customer contracts can be centrally managed and tied to the products and services provided.

Sunrise Service Management’s defined process of internal and legal review, including termination and expiration of contracts, provides a framework from which all contracts and costs can be managed easily and efficiently. What’s more, with automatic notifications of contract deadlines and costs, Sunrise Service Management allows organisations to keep on top of the critical workload of contract negotiations. It can assist in the reduction of costs through performance analysis under the terms of previous and current contracts, allowing for improved renegotiation of contract terms.

Sunrise Service Provider - Customer Contracts

Left unchecked, over delivery of services in relation to agreed contracts can be wasteful. All customer activities recorded in Sunrise Service Management can always be linked back to the originating customer contract ensuring you’ll always have a full picture of the effectiveness and profitability of a specific contract.

Regardless as to whether your contracts are an all-you-can-eat fixed term, break/fix, time and materials, or based on service credits, managing your customer contracts with Sunrise Service Management will help you deliver the right services under the appropriate terms of the contract.

Customer Contracts in a nutshell

  • Track customer contract dates, services supplied, and any special negotiated contract terms
  • Define default Service Level Agreements and service availability targets
  • Track contract costs and raise invoices according to contract schedule
  • Identify products and services provided under the terms of the contract

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Key Benefits

  • Improved visibility of contracted terms
  • Manage contract costs
  • Improved information sharing across all areas of your business
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